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Small and convenient tool to download Google books to your computer
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Google Books offer you a massive range of free books to read online, and FSS Google Books Downloader allows you to grab your favorite publicly-available Google books and save them on your hard drive to read them offline. You can save the pages of the book as separate JPG or PNG image files or tell the program to build for you a PDF file with them. Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it suitable for all users.

Limited to titles already in the public domain or to those licensed to Google for offline distribution, this tiny free tool is not a piracy tool that will grab for you titles that Google Books can only show partially or don’t have the rights for. Only those books whose URL ends in an ID number (not an ISBN number or any other variant) can be effectively downloaded by FSS Google Books Downloader.

Typically, these books have been scanned and made available as image files (one per page) at the Google Books site. This is why the output formats provided are limited to JPG and PNG, together with the possibility of having all those images (or book pages, actually) bound in a convenient single PDF file. If you select PDF as the final format, you will get two for the price of one – the original image files and the compiled version as a PDF.

By clicking on the “Find Book” button, the program will open your favorite browser and will take you to Google Books to look for a title. Once you have located the book you want to read offline, just save the URL link to the clipboard and click on the “Paste URL” button. You have to be quick, though. As easy as this utility is to use, it requires you to paste your URL and click on the “Download” button nearly right away, or the link will become useless and you will get an error message informing you that “the link is empty”. The download itself is not terribly fast, though, most probably due to restrictions at the Google Books side. To this you have to add the fact that you are downloading image files instead of plain text, which means that a 400-page book may take a while to download.

All in all, FSS Google Books Downloader is a convenient and extremely simple free tool that will allow you to grab a digital copy of any publicly-available title on the Google Books site for you to read it offline, print it out, or use it for your studies.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy and simple interface
  • Three-step straightforward downloading process
  • Can save your book as a PDF file
  • Customizable DPI and resolution values


  • Limited to selected Google books
  • The link to the book selected becomes useless in just a few seconds
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